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Insight into my experience in the Erasmus+ project ALIISA: A Link between Music Education and Inclusive Pedagogy

Since November, I have had the privilege of being a project officer in the team of the Erasmus+ project ALIISA. This position allows me to combine my knowledge from my studies in Music Education and Inclusive Pedagogy, which motivated me to take this position.

My main task in the project is to conduct a final scientific study on the ALIISA project. In this study I investigated together with Mag. Phil. Dr. phil. Beate Hennenberg, I investigated the changes in teachers' competences and attitudes during the three-year Erasmus+ project. My task includes drafting interview questions, conducting interviews, transcriptions as well as processing the data with the support of retired Univ. Prof. Ulrich Kropiunigg, PhD. In the end, two scientific texts will be produced to present the results. The results will also be presented at our final symposium in Vienna on 12 June 2023.

In addition to my scientific activities, I am also responsible for organisational and administrative tasks. This includes deadline coordination, budget monitoring and organising and planning the dissemination events. It is a versatile and challenging job that allows me to strengthen my organisational skills.

This position not only offers me the opportunity to contribute to inclusive arts education, but also to gain an insight into the latest developments at European level. It fills me with joy to be part of this exciting project and to be actively involved in inclusive art education.

During my time in the ALIISA project, I have been able to build valuable networks in inclusive arts education. These networks are crucial for sharing innovative ideas and best practices. It is inspiring to work in such a warm team that works together to advance inclusive arts education.

I am grateful for the experience I have gained through my involvement in the Erasmus+ project ALIISA. This position has not only provided me with valuable expertise, but also further strengthened my passion for inclusive arts education. I look forward to the further developments and future projects and how together we can advance inclusive education in Europe.


Denise Csida, BA MA
Project assistant of the ALIISA project based in Austria at MDW.

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