The main aim of the ALIISA Project is the development of inclusive art pedagogy in international cooperation.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • to improve the quality of inclusive art education in general education
  • to develop continuing education cooperation and development process for inclusive art education for the needs of general education
  • to promote equal opportunities for art education
  • to develop inclusive art pedagogy education and research in partner organizations
  • to make out a contract for international cooperation of inclusive continuing education in art

During the ALIISA Project key approaches to implementation are:

  • Research and curriculum work: teaching and administrative practices
  • Development of educational content: knowledge of inclusive art pedagogy, values and attitudes, identification of need for support, accessibility
  • International cooperation: training, productization and dissemination models

Expected results are:


New knowledge, skill and attitudes of art educators to identify different needs of individuals and society, which promotes social inclusion.
Dissemination of good practices in inclusive art pedagogy to consider inclusion in action.
Better respond to cultural, social, cooperative and communal diversity in the future.


The link between education and working life (associated partners in general education) brings effectiveness:

  • Authentic learning environments during continuing education training periods
  • Enhanced skills and competences of pupils, students and teachers involved in the project activities
  • New operational and educational methods, techniques and tools for educational institutions at their work with students to create inclusive environments
  • Flexible and fast reaction to meet the training needs of society

Syllabus and cooperation contract will guarantee the continuation of the development work and reduces inequalities within and between countries.

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