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‘Growing through inclusive artistic experiences’

‘LE CURE’ Comprehensive Institute - Florence (IT)

ALIISA: All in – International Inclusive Society in Arts
Kuopio Conservatory (Finland)
Savonia University of Applied Sciences (FI)
Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst (Austria)
Vilnius University (Lithuania)
I am O.K. Culture (Austria)

Let's assume that a teacher has a fantasy and imagines an educational scenario and environment very different from the one in which she is immersed every day.

Let us assume that the vaticini and astri are favourable and that the aruspici provide for the possibility of a change towards a more vibrant, more dynamic future, more in line with their inclinations and aspirations.

Finally, let's assume that your Leader supports these dreams and desires and believes in the possibility of embarking on new paths, in the perspective and with the spirit of listening, sensitivity and attention to the novelties that the “Travel” offers; a journey fully lived in all the cells of one's body, with the pores of the skin open to be able to receive and donate.

Then one day all this happens, it is possible, the imagination takes shape and the dream becomes real, remote contacts become people, friendly faces, thoughts are transformed into emotions, experiences, awareness, memories but also bridges for a different future, projects capable of generating an authentic change, perhaps minimal but substantial for our school community.

And this is because what we observed and experienced on our trips had an indelible influence on all of us and ... it was contagious! It has been transmitted to us and we have absorbed a different approach to teaching based essentially on harmony, tranquillity, serenity, patience and much more.

Here we report some keywords and reflections that each of us has put in our backpack and that we have taken home to rethink our reality and integrate it.


What immediately comes to mind is the relaxed and peaceful environment, both among teachers and with pupils. Calmness and serene atmosphere are the things we should learn; learn things with joy, calm and positive reinforcement, given by the positivity that is breathed in the air.


Harmony is the word that summarises for me the experience in Finland. We have in fact found an environment in which we breathe a sense of pleasant lightness, where the culture of well-being and collaboration is promoted. In addition, the care of the spaces is immediately evident, which are harmonious and balanced so as to favour the right concentration of teachers and students. Finally, that contagious silence that allows you to rediscover the beauty of the little things.


Students at the Puijo Tower.Two words. SURPRISE (in a negative sense) in noting the NON-inclusion in their primary and secondary schools, even though the activities we observed were interesting, suitable for that age group and conducted by good and prepared people. SURPRISE (in a positive sense) in observing and participating in musical and dance activities, with disabled children led by competent music and dance teachers who have proposed to them classical music pieces (with simplified but still significant scores) and pieces composed by the boys themselves; simple and scenographic choreographies at the same time. CERTAINTY: from the observation made arises, once again, the certainty that music (between the arts) is really a universal expressive language that can and must unite people with different skills, experiences and sensitivities. Each of us can be an added value to enrich ‘The Other’.


*Want to scream: I'm ok! * If I want to, I can do anything, despite everything. Don't look at me with tender eyes, because I'm like you, I know how to dance, I know how to play, sing, I want to live .. like you !!

*Explosion of strength and energy. * To be able to express who they are, free from judgement and sincere.

*Blicity of looks and smiles. * Because together it's easier and more beautiful.

*Hope ...of a better future. * Eyes full of hope for an inclusive future that breaks down prejudices and barriers.


Sharing and welcoming: the experience lived has allowed me to observe, share the activities proposed by them and also propose my own, all with great spontaneity, warmth and hospitality.


Exchange. This experience has prompted in me to reflect on the role of exchange in the educational relationship. We have witnessed and partly participated in the mutual gift between teachers and students, their powerful feeling together and feeling together.
I took away with me an increased desire for a more conscious, more thoughtful relationship, which is not just a gesture but a deliberate ethical choice. This choice has the ambition to really protect everyone in their personal growth process.


Harmony, a term that gathers experience; challenge (the fruit of observation and a reflection on what unleashes); enthusiasm, because it is the style more than the contents and insights that make the difference.


Welcome, kindness and commitment. The will, conviction and participation of the Community in the dissemination and practice of music starting with newborns to the University. A complete musical journey that bears fruit within a community that is socially and spiritually enriched.

It was a trip that enriched me both from a professional and a human point of view; a lot of kindness, a lot of professionalism and a lot of desire to really do!


Fulfilment. To have succeeded in a - not at all obvious - enterprise of creating connections, bonds, union (but also great diversity) of views and intentions.

The invaluable value of Knowledge: of itself, of other worlds, of a thousand possible relationships. And finally the sense of gratitude that all this has been achievable and that it will continue to be, generating new common trajectories.


Sharing: a term that means sharing with others.
There in Finland I noticed a lot of sharing, sharing their experiences with colleagues in various fields and making them available to everyone.


Delicate attention: living the experience of Job Shadowing gave me the opportunity to reflect on how delicate attention the teachers work on the educational relationship with their pupils. I was struck by the watchful eye of the teacher ready to grasp even the slightest sign of discomfort (timidability, fear, opposition ...) and even in compliance with this, still be able to conduct the didactic-educational action in a profitable way. The delicacy in respecting the times of each one; the delicacy in encouraging and encouraging those who were already ready; the delicate attention to the socio-cultural and emotional-cognitive context; the delicate attention to the inclusive power of music as a form of art from which to draw enrichment at various levels: relational, therapeutic, emotional, metacognitive. In short, it is a colossal work conducted with extreme delicacy.

The list below concerns the reasons for our impulse to seek new paths to aspire to a rich and integrated education system, in progress, always!


Three shadow figures in front of the light.- Make a reflection on one's own ways of teaching/learning

- Know and acquire new skills both disciplinary and organisational

- Confront other realities and new educational methods, in a perspective based mainly on learning-making

- Relate to colleagues and institutions from other European countries who use artistic disciplines within their school curriculum by integrating them interdisciplinary with other subjects of study


- The development of an inclusive pedagogy through the arts for the well-being of all pupils and pupils

- Learning innovative methodologies and new teaching and disciplinary skills

- The realisation of an artistic vertical curriculum in an interdisciplinary perspective

- The activation of intercultural exchanges in a logic of international cooperation



The Project Referent

Federica Felici

Federica Felici is the Referent for the Erasmus+ Job Shadowing called “AT FULL ART - ART FOR ALL: growing through inclusive artistic experiences”. She is a special needs teacher at the ‘I.Calvino’ secondary school in Florence, Italy. She graduated in cello and Alexander Technique and has perfected herself as a Tutor of learning (but in reality, what she likes to do most in the world is to put ‘beautiful people’ in touch!). She completed her training in Rhythmic-Musical and Psychomotor Education and obtained the Dalcroze Certificate issued by Aijd. She is convinced that at the basis of any acquisition is movement and that an authentic change takes place in every person as a result of significant psychophysical experiences.

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